White Haze 30g

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An unflavored antioxidant bomb!

White haze is a close relative of the famous Chinese tea quality, Silver Needle. The leaves of White Haze do not withstand quite as many brews as the best quality Silver Needle, but the taste is almost the same. The health effects, such as L-theanine's stress-relieving and mood-improving properties, are also the same as in Silver Needle.

The white Usva has grown in the fresh mountain air, from which after picking it is placed in containers and covered from the rain. The containers are stored outside so that the tea can dry naturally in the fresh air. Once the tea is dried, it is ready to be enjoyed! The minimal processing of the leaves ensures that the natural flavors and nutrients, such as L-theanine, antioxidants and vitamins, remain in the leaves as pure and unchanged as possible. White tea is the healthiest of the tea types, but due to its natural caffeine content, it is not the best possible evening tea.

Make this tea a part of your daily well-being and a healthy source of refreshment!

White tea

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