Wild strawberry tea 60g

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Summer forest strawberry flavors regardless of the season!

Strawberry-filled black tea whose wild taste takes you straight to summer! The calorie-free Villi Mansikka tea is suitable as a morning and afternoon drink because its black Ceylon base contains caffeine and is slightly stimulating.

The previously mentioned black Ceylon tea serves as the main pillar of the taste. Strawberry pieces, wild strawberry oil and rose petals have been added to this. Rose petals bring roundness and a hint of rosiness. Strawberry oil gives a wonderful aroma to the tea.

Strawberry's rich vitamin C and black tea's flavonoids together are a good combination to get through winter or the flu. Strawberries have been found to have beneficial health effects, e.g. for stomach function and to support lowering cholesterol.

When you brew, a wonderfully soft strawberry aroma steams from the cup. The black tea nicely balances the natural sweetness of the strawberry.

Black India-Ceylon tea, pieces of strawberry, rose petals and natural wild strawberry oil.

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