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Gorgeous ginger health bomb.

Ginger’s health benefits are widely recognised and its excellence cannot be doubted. For many, ginger is a part of every-day diet, thanks to its numerous health qualities. Benefits of ginger include for example treating effect on rheumatic diseases, easing nausea and easing the symptoms of flu.  

Green tea goes well with ginger and the combination of these two is delightfully mellow. Ginger doesn’t dominate the flavour too much, but adds a freshness to the drink. Because of this, the tea is suitable for you, even if you are not the biggest fan of strong ginger. 

Health qualities of this drink are not only doing of ginger. Green tea, which this tea is based on, has also shown many beneficial qualities. Green tea helps to lower high blood sugar and cholesterol. L-theanine found in green tea helps to better cognitive thinking. 

What are you waiting for? Try this blend of green tea, ginger and bergamot oil, which tastes incredible, and which does good to your, stomach, mind and tastebuds.

Organic green tea 90% (China), Organic ginger 9%, natural ginger oil 0.5%, natural bergamot oil 0,5%

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