Organic Pear Sen Cha

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Peary treat for guaranteed pleasure.

Pear-tasting, fresh and healthy green tea, which will satisfy your mind and tastebuds with its excellence.

It is a hot summer day and as the sunlight is scorching your skin, you start to crave something to ease your thirst. Sugary soft drinks won’t do, since you feel like they only worsen the thirst. Suddenly you remember the Pear Sen Cha sitting on your shelf. You decide to make some iced tea by infusing Pear Sen Cha in cold water for 30 minutes. Soon you’ll be enjoying this sugar-free saviour of hot days. 

Organic Pear Sen Cha has natural pear oil, which gives this green tea its pure pear taste. Since the drink is based on green tea, it contains L-theanine, which reduces stress and helps you to concentrate. Green tea also has some natural caffeine, but its stimulative effect is much smoother compared to coffee. Pear tea is great also as a traditional hot drink. 

Organic Sen Cha green tea, natural pear oil

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