Strawberry Sen Cha

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Strawberry lover's green tea

It is a dark winter day. You dream about past summer’s sunny days, filled with light and freshly picked wild strawberries, as in truth you are surrounded by darkness and cold weather. Frozen strawberries are simply not enough to lift your spirits this time. Suddenly you remember the package of Strawberry Sen Cha sitting on your shelf, and soon you are filled with sweet warmness of steaming hot bliss. 

Strawberry Sen Cha contains Sen Cha green tea, wild strawberry oil, rose petals and strawberry leaves. Every ingredient is natural and sugar-free. 

When the bottom of the cup looms, you feel more at peace. Green tea’s L-theanine has done its magic to your stress and digestive problems. 

PS. From this product, you stew as much as 6 litres of wonderful strawberry tea!

Sen Cha green tea, wild strawberry oil, rose petals, strawberry leaves


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