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White- and Green tea blend, perfected with lingonberry and vanilla!

As you roam through the narrow paths between trees and breathe in relaxing forrest air, you notice fresh lingonberries. On impulse, you decide to taste one, and your mouth is filled with bitter yet so fresh taste. It’s the taste of nordic relentlessness.

In this tea, fresh lingonberries are complemented with silky smooth vanilla. Vanilla helps to take the edge from lingonberry’s bitterness. Combination of these two is simply stunning. The taste reminds you of lingonberry pie with delicious vanilla sauce. 

The tea contains real dried lingonberries. Lingonberries are filled with natures own vitamins and antioxidants, so this tea not only tastes good, but also does good. The product is based on a blend of white and green tea. White tea is the healthiest tea there is, due to its minimised processing. Green tea adds a slight mellowness, characteristic to the tea products. Both green- and white tea contain L-theanine which is shown to reduce stress and to better mood. 

Over all this product is simply amazing. It’s combination of undoubted health benefits and unique wild taste of nordic freshness. Taste and be amazed!

Chinese green- and white tea, 5% Finnish lingonberries, natural vanilla flavour

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