Sea-Buckthorn Superior Green

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Two health boosters, one drink.

Health benefits of sea-buckthorn have been known for a long time. Sea-buckthorn contains lots of antioxidants and vitamin C. When this superior berry is paired with green tea, result is an unrivalled health booster. Green tea has natural L-theanine, which is shown to lower stress levels and to better mood. Green tea has also likely played its part as the secret of long lives of many Japanese people. 

But can healthy be delicious? Yes it can! Our Sea-Buckthorn Superior contains natural flavours which help to give the drink little sweetness and to smooth the bitter edge from the sea-buckthorn’s taste. Like the name suggest, tea contains real sea-buckthorn.

Sea-Buckthorn Superior is suitable for everyone, and thanks to its health benefits its should be tried even if you are not a fan of sea-buckthorn to begin with. Make an investment to your health and be amazed by the power of nature.

Green Chinese Sen Cha tea 86%, dried sea-buckthorn 3%, sea-buckthorn leaf 3%, lily flower 1%, natural flavour 7%

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