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Dessert in your tea cup

Fairtade Strawberry-Vanilla green tea is an excellent alternative for dessert. Light sweetness of this tea will bring a smile on your face and fill your body with relaxed feeling. 

In this wonderfully mellow green tea you’ll taste charming strawberry along with silky smooth vanilla. Rose petals add the finishing touch to the drink with a flowery twist. This sweet tea treat is great with dessert or as a dessert.

This Forsman’s fairtrade green tea comes from India’s Chamraj plantation. Chamraj plantation is located in Nilgiri’s mountainous environment. Organic farming in harsh conditions and high altitude mountain air, help to give the tea extra sweetness and slight umami taste.

Many studies have shown that green tea lowers cholesterol and high blood sugar. Green tea’s L-theanine is also shown to better mood and to reduce stress. 

Green tea 95%, rose petals 2%, natural strawberry-vanilla flavour 3%

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