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Brilliant natural green tea from Japan.

Sencha is traditional Japanese green tea. Tea leaves are typically grown half in shadow, which gives the leaves more flavour and nutrients. After the tea is collected, it is rolled to needle-shaped cones by hand, before steaming. Steaming stops the oxidation process and gives the tea its characteristic green colour. With 80% of green tea produced in Japan being Sencha, it is the most popular green tea in Japan. 

Sencha tastes lemony sour and bit grassy. It also has slight umami flavour. Sencha feels little dry in your mouth. 

Green tea contains lots of flavonoids and L-theanine. Those help to relieve stress, calm your nerves and to better your concentration. L-theanine has also shown positive effects on mood. Green tea helps with digestion and nurses your stomach.

Japanese Green Sencha tea

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