Fair Trade Green Jasmine Tea 60g

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Our most popular green tea, and for good reason

Jasmine tea is one of the first flavored teas in history. In China and Japan, tea was always considered a noble drink that was best enjoyed pure, and the differences only arose due to different brewing methods and growing environments. One day, however, without the tea master noticing, a jasmine flower fell into the tea. While drinking the tea, he noticed the gentle but delicious addition of jasmine to the tea. From then on, the tea master always enclosed his tea inside jasmine flowers to perfume his tea before drinking it.

Jasmine gives tea a wonderful floral taste that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Jasmine tea goes well with many dishes, bringing its own bright nuance to sushi, for example. This is why, for example, Hanko Sushi offers Forsman's Jasmine Tea with every sushi meal in its restaurants. Because of the fresh, aromatic taste, many people have fallen in love with the versatile world of loose tea.

Forsman's Fair Trade jasmine tea is yellowish golden and smells wonderfully soft. The secret of its popularity is its approachable and elegant taste.

Green tea contains L-theanine , which, for example, reduces stress and brings a sense of pleasure.

Fair trade green tea 96%, jasmine flowers 2%, natural aroma 2%.

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