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Vivid green tea blend for the taste of Czarist Russia’s nobility.

Czarist Russia’s nobility were known as major consumers of tea, who liked to enjoy their tea especially with the delicious jam made from quince. To honor the flavour of quince, also known as golden apple, we created this classic seasoned green tea tea, which’s sophisticated taste will charm anyone. 

With this tea, we strived to capture the exact flavours of quince and lychee. Ironically this tea contains neither of them, since orange and pineapple replicate the flavour of fresh quince better than the actual fruit would, when infused to the hot water. Lily petals add the finishing touch to this tea’s taste. 

When Emperor’s Choice was first introduced to the Russian market it 1990’s, it soon gained popularity among Russian tea enthusiasts. Even though Russians often prefer black tea, this green version has consistently brought smiles to the faces of black tea drinkers, who have given it a chance.

PS. Green tea is considered healthier than black tea. If you already are a fan of the black tea version of this delight, try this green version! It is richer in L-theanine, which helps to reduce stress and cholesterol levels. 

Fairtrade green tea 80%, orange pieces 7%, papaya pieces 3%, pineapple pieces 3%, natural flavour 3%, lily 2%, peony 2%

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