China Sen Cha

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Naturally mellow and lightly steamed green tea.

Sencha is traditional green tea invented in Japan. From there, it soon spread across the sea to China, where it was grown in new way. This green tea is grown on mountain hills, where harsh growing environment makes the leaves extra rich in healthy nutrients and in taste. After harvesting, tea leaves are squished against the side of a wooden basket before steaming. Steaming stops the oxidation process and gives the tea its beautiful green colour.

Sencha is the most popular green tea in the world. 80% of all Japanese and 40% of Chinese green tea production is Sencha. China Sencha is lemony sour, little sweet and grassy. It feels just a little dry in your mouth. 

Green tes contains lots of flavonoids and L-theanine. These ease stress, calm you and better concentration. L-theanine has also shown to better mood and to help with digestion. 

Chinese green Sen Cha

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