Strawberry Cloud

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Your ticket to the strawberry heaven!

Strawberry cloud is a delicious, strawberry flavoured, green tea. It is perfect when you crave for strawberries or for something sweet in general. This gun powder green tea is seasoned with a trifle of natural vanilla-cream flavour, pieces of dried strawberry and with wild strawberry oil. Result is a heavenly taste combination, which makes you feel like you’re hopping between cotton candy clouds in a strawberry wonderland. 

This tea works as a dessert as well as with a dessert. If you’re on a diet or otherwise want to reduce unhealthy sugar consumption, try Strawberry Cloud and find your new favourite. After drinking this tea, you’ll find your worries blown away as the natural L-theanine helps to reduce stress hormones from your system. Green tea also increases the sensation of fullness, so the unhealthy dessert is not a necessity.

Gun powder green tea, wild strawberry oil, vanilla-cream flavour, strawberry pieces, rose petals

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