Winter Magic

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Reliable choice to warm your winter night.

Winter magic is one of the most popular Christmas teas we sell. Its greatness lies in the taste which is not too bound to Christmas season. Winter Magic will continue to satisfy you throughout the long and dark winter, without losing its charm! 

Winter Magic is a blend of green- and white tea, seasoned with lingonberry and vanilla oil. The taste is not at all bitter, since mellow vanilla smoothens and rounds the lingonberry taste. White tea brings a delicate flower taste to the mix.

White tea is very mellow, so it is a good match for stronger tasting Sen Cha green tea. Both tea qualities have natural caffeine and theanine -  green tea more and white tea less. Combined caffeine content of this blend is somewhere in between. Even though the product has some caffeine, it still suites as a relaxed evening tea, at least for those who are not overly sensitive to caffeine.

Traditional Christmas teas are well suited for pre Christmas season, but as a Christmas presents, they are bit late. Who would want to sip cinnamon and apple tasting Christmas teas until it is mid summer? Winter Magic makes an exception to that because its taste doesn’t directly remind you of Christmas. It’s an all year’s delicacy which’s spell won’t wear off!

White tea, Green tea, lingonberry-vanilla oil

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