Organic Rose Hip-Camomile Pyramid Tea

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Calming infusion for overdriven mind.

Rose hip-camomile is a naturally cafeine-free herbal infusion, which is especially well suited as a late night’s enjoyment. Infusion made from organically produced rose hip and camomile, tastes mellow and little rich in berries. This drink doesn’t contain any tannic acids so it won’t get bitter even with longer brewing. 

Our pyramid bags leave room for herbs to release all of their flavours to the water. When you glance through the bag, you see how the inflorescences of camomile and peel of rose hips meet the hot water, filling your cup with a natural and delightful taste. After use, our 100% biodegradable bags are easily disposed in a eco-friendly way!

With a mellow and pleasant taste and without stimulants (such as caffeine or theanine), this drink makes up for a great evening tea! Camomile has shown relaxing properties in many studies, so drink’s relaxing qualities are not only accountable for lack of stimulants. This product will lull you to sleep and is also suitable for young kids!

Organic rose hip 70%, Organic camomile 28%, natural flavour

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