Anti-Stress Herbal Tea 60g

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A caffeine-free stress reliever to calm your evenings!

Anti-Stress is a herbal infusion that is loved by many and is suitable for everyday use. Its tangy taste and cheerful color take you on a relaxing journey at the end of the day. On the palate, this herbal tea is an exciting blend of the tartness of hibiscus, the mildness of lemongrass, and the sweetness of hawthorn and strawberry oil.

The color of Anti-Stress appears in the finished steaming drink as an inviting burgundy. Forsman's teas have been known for decades for their refined flavoring style and their very own recipe. The stress-relieving caffeine-free herbal tea is no different.

If you want to try something refreshing and certainly calming your nerves and also helping you sleep, take the hibiscus-based Anti-Stress for a trial run now and enjoy the evenings with tea!

You won't find caffeine or tein in this drink. So in the evening, you can sip to your heart's content without taking your body into overdrive. You can watch your hibiscus-based herbal tea brew, confident that the stress of your day will finally ease.

hibiscus 50%, rosehip 20%, lemongrass 10%, rose petal 2%, jasmine flower 4%, pineapple chunks 10%, natural flavor 4%

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