Chili-Orange Rooibos Pyramid Tea

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Indulge yourself with the sweet warmness of this evening tea!

Chili-Orange rooibos takes your imagination to the desert, where high rising dunes bathe in setting sun’s reddish light. Flavours of the sweet orange and a gently warming pinch of chili are like a warm breeze caressing epicurean’s tastebuds.

Rooibos does not contain any tannic acids. This means that rooibos won’t get bitter even with long steeping. Not even the most oblivious tea brewer can ruin this delicious treat by forgetting how long the bag has swam in a cup of steaming water. Naturally caffeine-free, this warm bliss is best-suited for those last waking hours.

Portioned in our pyramid bags, Chili-Orange rooibos is easy to prepare, one cup at a time. Our pyramid bags, which are made from natural fibres, are 100% biodegradable and suitable for biowaste. 

Rooibos 90%, Orange peel 5%, Natural orange aroma 3.5%, Chili extract 1,5%

Rooibos is an infusion made from Redbush (Aspalathus linearis). South Africans have used this drink as a source of well-being for centuries. Rooibos flourishes in harsh and dry environment and is full of natures healthy antioxidants. 

All of our rooibos comes straight from the South African producers without middlemen. Farming rooibos has allowed livelihood to many South Africans in a place, where other agriculture is nearly impossible due to dryness. 


3dl 90-100°C 3-5 min

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