Blueberry Baguette 60g

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Blueberry pakuri tea is a unique health drink that contains 20% blueberries, 4% pakuri dwarf and 2% pakuri extract. Forsmann's pakurite is based on high-quality Indian Ceylon tea, which is complemented by fresh blueberry.

You can get up to 6 liters of ready-made drink from this bag and you can get close to the Finnish birch forest landscape with blueberry and pakuri seducing you. Taste authentic bagurite tea made in Finland.

Pakuritine has been studied to affect immunity, persistent low-grade inflammation and cancer cells. It has been used as a natural medicine in Asia and Russia for hundreds of years. The pakuri extract makes this product a unique tea, because the extract has all the best health effects of pakuri.

Dose 1 teaspoon of baguri tea in two deciliters of water. The temperature of the water should be 95 C°, so that the packer can dissolve properly in the water.

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