Fuji 800ml

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Colour: white

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In this ceramic teapot, named after famous Japanese mountain, you steep a fair dose of your favourite tea. Simple, yet elegant, design combined with pure white colour, reminds you of snow covered mountains reaching up to the sky. 

In teapot’s high-quality stainless steel infuser, it is easy to measure the perfect amount of loose leaf tea. From top of the class infuser, tea’s aroma is released smoothly to the water, ensuring wonderful tea experience. 

This teapot’s relatively large size of 800ml makes sure that not only there is enough tea to satisfy your cravings, but also there’s enough tea to share with your loved ones.  

Teapot’s dimensions: height 12cm, diameter of base 7,5 cm, weight 631g

Infuser’s dimensions: diameter 7cm, height 8cm

Dimensions of package: 7 x 14,5 x13cm. Weight 788g

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