Gumiko 800ml

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Kumiko is an enameled teapot made of cast iron, with which you bring a touch of Japanese culture to your tea experience. When preheated, cast iron pans retain heat better than other types of pans, so you should simmer something in Kumiko that you want to stay hot for a long time.

Kumiko's eight deciliter volume allows tea to be brewed for several cups. The cast iron pan is particularly suitable for making unflavored teas.

Thanks to the stainless steel strainer that comes with the pan, it is easy to lift the loose tea out of the pan after brewing.

The pan's enameling makes it naturally resistant to bacteria and dirt, so it's easy to wash by hand. Cast iron pans do not need to be washed with soap. It is enough to rinse the pan with boiling water. Pour out the water and let it steam dry in the right direction without the lid.

The height of the pan is 9 cm and the diameter of the base is 7.2 cm. Weight 1.84kg.

The diameter of the sieve is 6.8 cm and the depth is 4.5 cm

Package dimensions 19 x 19 x 9 cm. Weight 1.99kg.

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