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Durable and stylish tea press made of pyrex glass. With this jug, which is popular in many tea rooms and cafes, you can prepare a top-quality drink at home! Tea brewed freely in water releases its flavor evenly. The glass does justice to the naturally beautiful color of the tea!

The Pyrex glass and stainless steel used as materials in the press guarantee that you will be making drinks with this pan for a long time! The lid insulation ensures that the metal lid does not get hot. The piston of the press is easy to remove and lock in place, and it is easy to wash in the machine. 

The press is available in three different sizes, so everyone can find a press suitable for their use in the selection! With the smallest press, you make two, with the medium one three and with the large one five cups of drink at once. The largest liter press also comes with a very dense coffee filter, which enables the use of filter coffee.

The tea leaves are dosed on the bottom of the Presso and the water is poured over it. In the press, the tea leaves have plenty of room to open and the flavor is best released into the water. When the tea has brewed, press the strainer down and the tea is ready to drink! The press can also be used to make coffee. To guarantee the best taste experience, we recommend that one press is only used for making either tea or coffee.

350ml: Presso height 19cm. Package dimensions 14 x 9 x 21cm. Weight 449g.

600ml: Press height 22cm. Package dimensions 14 x 12 x 24cm. Weight 617g.

1000ml: Press height 25cm. Package dimensions 14.5 x 13 x 26cm. Weight 741g.

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