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What an exciting white tea!

Separately hand-picked tea leaves, dried in the fresh air, rolled into tight pearls. During the stewing, tea leaves open up beautifully to cover the bottom of the cup. Removing the leaves is not necessary, since you can reuse them easily at least three times. We recommend you to stew this tea in a clear cup for added visual pleasure.

This silvery greenish drink has a herb-like flavour with a flowery fresh twist to the taste. It feels pleasantly mellow in your mouth. It has a distinguishable hint of sweetness and fruitiness. 

White tea is stimulative and relaxing at the same time. It gives energy without the restlessness typical to coffee. It is perfect when you need a help to concentrate and to maintain healthy energy levels. Drop four to six pearls to the cup and and let it stew with 80ºC water for about five minutes. 

When the tea is rolled to tight pearls, exposed surface of the leave is minimised. Tea is dried and rolled but no further processing is done. Thanks to minimal processing, white tea is the healthiest tea quality. It is rich in antioxidants and L-theanine. 

White tea is a good tool for weight management and it does good for your heart. Wonderful tasting and undoubtedly healthy white tea. What else could you wish for!

White tea pearls

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