White Pearl Vanilla 60g

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Tea leaves braided in the shape of pearls melt in harmony with gentle vanilla

High-quality hand-picked white tea leaves are dried in the open air and then rolled into a pearl shape. When they arrive at Forsman, they are completely unseasoned and are known as the White Pearl. At Forsman, we gently flavor white tea with vanilla, which works excellently with herbal white tea.

White tea is the healthiest of all tea qualities and also has little caffeine. So in the evening, you can put the pearls in hot water and enjoy the dance of the tea leaves in your cup. The high quality can be seen in the whole large tea leaves that sink to the bottom of your cup wonderfully slowly when the pearls open. Enchanting.

The silvery green drink is softly herbal and floral. The pleasantly soft vanilla in the mouth is suitably soft and does not dominate the entire taste of the white tea. The flavor is distinguished by a soft vanilla and a hint of fruitiness.

White tea is perfect for weight loss, because it brilliantly enhances the metabolism-boosting ingredients. Especially when braided in the shape of a pearl, antioxidants and catechins are preserved better in the tea.

White pearl, natural vanilla aroma.

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