Lil Yun White Downy

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Unseasoned antioxidant bomb!

White Downy tea is grown in fresh, high altitude, air. After harvesting, tea is placed in containers and covered from rain. Containers are kept outside so the tea dries in fresh outside air.  No further processing goes into the leaves and after they are dry, the leaves are ready for consumption. Minimised processing ensures that natural flavours, L-theanine, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients remain in leaves as pure as possible. White tea is considered the healthiest tea type, but due to its natural caffeine, it’s better as a morning tea than as an evening tea. 

Lil Yun White Downy is a little brother to the famous top-quality Chinese white tea, Silver Needle. White Downy’s leaves won’t last you as many rounds of stewing, but the taste is extremely similar to the high-quality relative. Also you’ll get to enjoy the same health benefits, that are found in Silver Needle. Take White Downy to be your go-to healthy source of energy!

White tea

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