Chamraj Earl Grey

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Classic Earl Grey taste from fairtrade plantation! 

Forsman’s Chamraj Earl Grey is based on a high-quality Chamraj black tea from Nilgiri mountains. TGFOP quality class only qualifies the top leaves of the tea bush, since they are youngest and therefore tastiest! Tea leaves, qualified as TGFOP, have a recognisable tapering shape.

Chamraj Earl Grey’s taste is full-bodied and distinguishable, thanks to its high-class ingredients. Often Earl Grey is packed in tight tea bags, which leads to uncertainty, whether the tea is fresh or not, or if it contains unwanted branches of tea bush.

Earl Grey is often mistaken as an unseasoned tea flavour but in truth it is a mix of black tea and bergamot oil. Essential oil from bergamot is added to the tea to give the Earl Grey its iconic citrus-like taste.  Bergamot is a citrus tree, grown mainly in Italy and northern Africa, which’s fruits are used for the manufacturing of bergamot oil. 

We recommend you to try enjoying a cup of this Earl Grey with a slice of lemon! Lemon helps to add extra freshness to the tea and makes the taste experience even more exciting. 

Black tea, bergamot oil

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