India Yoga Chai

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Taste of spicy east in your cup

India has always been known for its spicy cuisine. The Same spectrum of spices and herbs is found in your tea cup, when you fill it with freshly stewed green India Yoga Chai. It combines a bunch of mysterious Indian flavours to one excellent tea. 

Yoga Chai’s oriental flavours come from its balanced blend of cardamom, chili, fennel and Yerba Mate. Cardamom itself contributes to the Indian taste with its spiciness, but when chili, fennel and Yerba Mate are also thrown into the mix, result is excitingly compelling. 

Chai is known for its positive effects on balance of body and mind. Green tea has health benefits, including stress relieving and mood improving, thanks to its natural richness in L-theanine. 

Green tea, Yerba Mate, Cardamom, Chili, Fennel seeds, natural fruit oils

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