Kumiko 800ml

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Kumiko is enamelled cast iron teapot, with which you bring a little hint of Japanese culture to your tea experience. Pre-heated, cast iron teapots stay warm much longer, compared to ceramic pots, so with this pot, we recommend you to steep something that you want to stay warm for a long time.  

Kumiko’s 800ml volume enables steeping enough tea for few cups. This cast iron teapot is especially great for steeping high-quality natural tea qualities. 

Included stainless steel infuser makes it easy to measure the perfect amount of your favourite loose leaf tea to the pot. With the infuser, it is also easy to remove the leaves from the pot after steeping. 

Enamelled surface is hygienic and naturally stain and bacteria repelling, which enables easy hand washing. Soap is not needed to wash this. It is enough, that you rinse the pot with boiling hot water and leave it to dry without cover. 

Teapot’s dimensions: height 9cm, diameter of base 7,2cm, weight 1,84kg.

Infuser’s dimensions: diameter 6,8cm, height 4,5cm

Dimensions of package: 19 x 19 x 9cm. Weight 1,99kg

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