Organic Japanese Gyokuro Nishi 30g

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The brightest jewel of Japanese green teas

Organic from Japan's Gyokuro Nishi tea farm is one of the most prestigious green tea qualities, whose strong umami taste has charmed tea drinkers from all over the world. Gyokuro is pronounced Jokuro and its direct translation is Jalokivikaste . Its manufacturing process is unique and can only be done in early spring. While the shoots of the tea bush are still very small, they are covered for three weeks with a shade cloth. Shading is added at regular intervals, for example by adding straw on top of the gauze. Thanks to the process, gyokuro gets its characteristic intense umami taste and a sweeter aroma than sencha. The theanine content also increases in the unique process.

Finally, the tea is finished by removing impurities, stems and petioles from the leaves. The antioxidant content of ceremonial fresh green tea is higher than usual. There is also a considerable amount of pleasure-producing l-theanine. The best matcha qualities use almost exclusively gyokuro as a base material.

The brewing process of gyokuro requires low temperatures. Simmer
2-3 g/150-200 ml, in 50-60 degree water for 1-2 minutes, and brew the same leaves at least three times to get the most out of your tea. It is also possible to simmer in hotter water, but then the simmering should only take 30-60 seconds . Enjoy this crown jewel of the theme when you want to revolutionize your perception of green tea.

Food recommendation: raw or cooked fish, vegetables, fresh or soft cheeses . Sushi is also perfectly suited to the taste of Gyokuro.

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