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Kukicha is an interesting type of green tea, from which most of the green soft part has been removed. What remains are twigs, stems and cores of the leaves. Usually the tea that becomes kukicha comes from the production of sencha and kukicha. Kukicha has a very unique flavour, because it is made from the part of the tea plant that is otherwise thrown away. 

Kukicha is inherently sweet and smooth. One of our salespeople thought it tasted a little like alcohol-free wheat beer - that is, creamy with a hint of nuts.

The caffeine in tea usually gathers in the softer parts of the tea leaves, but since those are not present in kukicha, it is lower in caffeine than other green teas. Green tea is full of flavonoids and L-theanine. They help against stress, calm the nerves and improve concentration. L-theanine also provides the feeling of satisfaction. Green teas help the function of stomach and speed up digestion.

1 tsp / 2dl 80-90°C 2-5 min

Kukicha can be brewed in hotter water than green teas usually due to the lack of the soft green part of the leaves. Kukicha contains a minimal amount of the bitter catechins.

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