Organic Pear 60g

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A pear-shaped whim that will enchant anyone

A refreshingly healthy green tea with a hint of pear, which will satisfy your mind and taste buds with its excellent properties.

It's a hot summer day and your mouth is starting to dry out, but sugary soft drinks don't seem like a good option. Soon you remember that tempting organic pear sencha is in your cupboard, and you decide to make a refreshing iced tea by infusing this pear whim for half an hour. You will soon be able to enjoy this sugar-free and additive-free savior on a hot day.

Organic Pear Sen Cha contains natural pear oil, which gives this green tea its characteristic pure pear taste. As green tea, this tropical product contains L-theanine, which is known to reduce stress, calm and improve concentration. Green tea also contains a little caffeine, but its effect is much milder than the caffeine in coffee.

Organic green tea, pear oil and jasmine buds

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