Almond Cinnamon-Apple pyramid tea

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15 pussia - 45g: 1 pc

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Winter tea for dark evenings!

Black India-Ceylon has got a wonderful cinnamon and apple as friends! The Cinnamon-Apple flavor is a so-called classic, but we decided to add a little roasted almond to the taste.

The pyramid tea bag is full of large-leaf black India-Ceylon tea. The first image in my mind when opening the package is the strong smell of Christmas Eve morning. In the case of this tea, the taste is just as perfect as the heart-warming aroma! Roasted almond brings character to the mouthfeel. As a whole, the taste is soft nutty, where fruity apple and light cinnamon work just great together!

Briefly described as "the nobility of black Christmas roads"! It is also worth noting that the taste is not a traditional type of Christmas tea, but a multidimensional ensemble of flavors.

Black tea 90%, cinnamon 6%, apple 3%, natural almond oil.

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