Organic Mao Hunan

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Fresh young leaves and buds, collected in early spring.

Mao Hunan is an excellent example of high-quality, organically grown, Chinese green tea. Fresh young tea leaves and buds are collected during early spring and wrapped to slim rolls before roasting.  Roasting stops the oxidation process and gives the tea its unique flavour. 

When dry, tea leaves are deep dark green, almost greyish, and when steeped, leaves turn to bright green colour. Ready drink is light green and it has mild scent of freshly mowed lawn. Taste is herb-like and little sweet. Mao Hunan is especially great as a digestive drink after eating. 

Green tea is rich in flavonoids and L-theanine. Those help to relieve stress, to relax and to better cognitive thinking. L-theanine is shown to better mood. Green tea is also beneficial to digestion.

Organic Green tea

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