Moroccan Mint

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Moroccan taste experience made in Finland.

Do you need warmth for chilly day? Or something to cool you during a hot day? Moroccan mint is always a reliable choice. Green tea mixed with mint leaves, come together as a mind and body nursing combination. Green tea’s antioxidants and L-theanine reduce stress and mint helps with digestion issues and soothes sore throat. 

Even though Morocco is a warm country, mint tea is always served hot. Hot tea warms “too much”, and it causes for body to cool itself much quicker than it normally would. Ultimately hot drink leads to sensation of coolness. Mint helps to keep the drink fresh and adds a cool aftertaste.

Moroccan Mint is a splendid choice for hot days. In Morocco, mint tea has gained significant cultural status as a symbol of friendship and hospitality. Mint tea is often shared with loved ones and if a cup is offered to you, you are considered to be friend. Sharing this tea is a great way to show your affection for those, who you hold most dear. 

Green tea 70%, Mint leaves 30%

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