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Powerful potion for your body and mind!

Ginseng Yerba Mate is a fusion of South America’s and Asia’s natural power! This yerba based drink is enhanced with ginseng, which is a plant, used by traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. Bits of pineapple, among other spices, are added to drink for a fruity flavour.

Ginseng, as a powerful adaptogen, makes the drink a great way of adding physical and mental performance to the stress and hustle of weekday. The Taste combination is pleasingly fruity, with a hint of freshness from ginger.

This Yerba Mate is best suited for occasions, when you have to be at your sharpest! It is especially good for stress relieving. Yerba’s natural caffeine gives you familiar kick, and ginseng nurses every aspect of your immune system. 

Green Yerba Mate 88%, Bits of pineapple 4%, rose petals 4%, ginger 2%, ginseng-root 1%, ginseng oil 1%

Our Yerba Mate comes from Brazilian producers without middlemen. The Farm is located in region of Parana in Brazil, where Yerba-trees are grown approximately 700 meters up from the sea level. When yerba is ready to be picked, it is collected and sent straight to the Finnish factory.

When consumed in large doses, ginseng might have adverse effects on those, who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arrhythmia. If you are unsure about your health, we recommend, that you discuss the effects of using this product with a doctor.

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