Mint Yerba Mate

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Minty fresh refreshment!

Mint Yerba Mate contains a generous amount of mint leaves. Mint leaves make up for as much as third of the drink! Plentiful dose of mint makes the drink pleasantly fresh and light. Freshness, typical to mint, comes across also as mesmerising scent, rising from your cup.

In this drink, relaxed energy boost of yerba and sniffle curing qualities of mint come together as a balanced entirety. Imagine a cold autumn morning. You are walking to the work, as cold wind blows drizzle to your face, that has not ceased for a week. At work, you drink a cup of Mint Yerba Mate. Your runny nose opens up and natural caffeine fills you with new energy. You are now ready for today’s challenges. 

Mint Yerba Mate is at its best, when you need an extra energy boost. We recommend this product especially for flu fighting and for morning after a long night of partying. 

Green Yerba Mate 77%, Mint leaves 33%

Our Yerba Mate comes from Brazilian producers without middlemen. The Farm is located in region of Parana in Brazil, where Yerba-trees are grown approximately 700 meters up from the sea level. When yerba is ready to be picked, it is collected and sent straight to the Finnish factory.

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