Blueberry Superior 60g

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Super Finnish blueberry, Super taste!

Blueberry and black tea perfectly describe the Finnish soul landscape. Blueberry Superior contains real forest blueberries hand-picked from Finland, which is put into a melting harmony with black Indian Ceylon tea.

This gives your immune system an extra boost in the morning. The health benefits of the blueberry are so comprehensive that it is considered one of the healthiest fruits of the Finnish forest and has received the additional concept of superfood.

In Mustikka Superior, you can find plenty of genuine products, with just the right taste. Blueberry Superior got its name because it contains 15% dried Finnish blueberries . Superior blueberry, superior taste. The last aromas and flavors fall into place with the natural blueberry aroma .

PS: We purposely added blueberry peel and seed pulp to the tea because it is the healthiest part of the blueberry!

India-Ceylon black tea, 15% Finnish wild blueberries and natural aroma.

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