Bilberry Superior Tea

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Loads of Finnish bilberries, loads of taste!

Bilberry and black tea portrait excellently essence of Finnishness. Bilberry Superior contains real bilberries, handpicked from the forrest. Bilberries and high-quality Indian Ceylon tea come together as a charming and harmonious combination.

Take this tea to add a boost to your immune system! Health benefits of bilberries are so profound, that bilberries are commonly considered as one of the most beneficial things Finnish forrest has to offer. Due to northern bilberry’s richness in antioxidants, it has rightfully earned its reputation as a superfood. 

Bilberry Superior has plenty of real bilberries. To be exact, the tea consists of 15% dried bilberries, which give the tea its authentic bilberry taste. To further enhance the scent and the flavour of this wonderful drink, natural bilberry aroma is added to the blend.

India-Ceylon black tea, Finnish bilberries 15%, natural aroma


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