Narita 900ml

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Colour: green/silver

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Narita is a traditional cast iron teapot that has gotten its design from Japanese tea culture. The vivid colors of Narita bring a lively atmosphere to your tea setting. You don’t have to worry about the temperature once you have brewed your tea because of Naritas excellent capabilities to reserve heat. 

Put the tea in the filter and start brewing. You get an excellent stainless steel tea infuser with this tea pot. With one full teapot you get almost a litre of delicious tea.  

This teapot has an enameled interior surface so it absorbs impurity and bacteria naturally, so it’s easy to clean by hand. You don't have to wash cast iron teapots with soap. It is enough if you flush it with boiling water and then pour the water off. Then just let the pot steam dry without its lid and voila. 

Teapot’s dimensions: height 11cm, diameter of base 9,5cm, weight 1,45kg.

Infuser’s dimensions: diameter 7,5cm, height 4,1cm

Dimensions of package: 18,5 x 18,5 x 12cm. Weight 1,61kg

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