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Breath in, take a break and enjoy a cup of Relaxing Tea!

The main key to every good relaxing infusion is caffeine-free ingredients. This herbal tea blend is made from green rooibos, hibiscus, camomile, rose hip, dandelion and apple pieces. Taste of this evening tea is wonderfully fruity!

Green rooibos, one of the main ingredients, is remarkably different from traditional rooibos. Most noticeable differences are the taste and how it looks. Traditional rooibos goes trough oxidation process, which turns rooibos reddish. Oxidation also makes the flavours stronger. Green rooibos has fresher more natural taste, due to less processing. It has a little flowery feeling to it. The difference between these two rooibos qualities are comparable to the difference between black- and green tea. 

Green rooibos is dried immediately after it’s harvested, so it preserves its green colour and natural antioxidants better than traditional rooibos. Rose hip in this infusion contains lots of vitamin E and C, which make this drink even more beneficial. And what would Relaxing Tea be without camomile? Camomile infusions are widely used for relaxation, since camomile has shown sleep improving qualities. Naturally we included it to be a part of this wonderful blend!

Green rooibos 28%, hibiscus 29%, camomile 10%, rose hip 10%, dandelion 10%, dried apple pieces 10%, heather 1%, natural flavour 2%

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