Organic Love of Roses pyramid tea

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Green tea exuding charming love, toned with the professional skill of a fashion designer

Forsman's Love Of Roses is a special quality green tea for both its taste and its packaging. The tea contains real rose petals, which bring a wonderful flowery taste to a melting harmony with the taste of strawberries. It's also a treat for the eyes, because fashion designer Jukka Rintala has been responsible for the harmonious look of the packaging!

The tasting journey starts from the beautiful rose garden, where the summery floral scent pleasantly soothes. The journey continues towards the nearby idyllic strawberry country, where wooden baskets are collected full of midsummer's sweet strawberries. Finally, champagne is opened in the evening sun on the terrace to celebrate a good day. Forsman's Love Of Roses is all of these!

PS: If you need an additional flavor to your drink, you can buy dried rose petals at Forsman's factory store in Vantaa for 7.90/100G. So it's worth coming to visit us at Suokalliontie 7! Rose petals can be used both internally and externally, for example as face water.

Few mention the rose as a medicinal plant, even though it is familiar to many as a spectacular apparition in the flower bed of one's own yard. It can have favorable effects, e.g. in terms of digestion, immune defense and flu. The rose itself contains flavonoids and essential oils, which are easily manifested in the garden as the floral scent of roses. In 2018, the rose was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year, so the beneficial health effects are not just a matter of wind!

Organic green tea 97%, organic rose petal 1%, natural rose oil 1%, natural strawberry aroma 1%

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