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Finland's most popular Mate

Mate is a symbol of friendship and a way to share a moment together. The taste of the hot dance really feels like it dances warm sweetly on the drinker's tongue. In this product, traditional mate is flavored by roasting part of the leaves and adding marigold and cornflower petals.

Mate Kuuma Tanssi is designed for Finnish taste and it is one of the most popular mate products in retail. By adding roasted mate to the mix, I get a softer and gentler mouthfeel than usual. By adding flowers, the flavor is playfully fruity.

Mate is great for sharing with friends! It is approachably smooth and does not scare the inexperienced mate drinker away from the traditional South American drink. Get ready to enjoy!

Mate Kuuman Tanssi's main raw material is the leaves of the yerba tree, i.e. mate itself. The leaves' abundant natural caffeine content raises the drinker's state of alertness. Mate's caffeine gives its drinker a more even refreshment than, for example, coffee, whose stimulating effect wears off faster. Plants contain a huge amount of natural antioxidants that help the body stay healthy. The leaves are also rich in vitamin C.

Natural aromas from calendula and cornflower petals have been added to the mate.

All our mate comes directly from the producer in Brazil without intermediaries. The farm is located in the province of Parana in Brazil, where the yerba trees grow about 700 meters above sea level and the mate is picked fresh.

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