Blackcurrant Tea

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Feel of summery garden, captured in tea form!

Do you recall those days of ending summer, when bushes were bulging with ripe berries? The blissful sweetness and freshness, when a freshly picked blackcurrant found its way to your mouth? The same sensation is unleashed, when you open a new bag of Blackcurrant Tea!

Blackcurrant Tea is based on India-Ceylon black tea. India-Ceylon is seasoned with leaves from blackcurrant bush and with natural blackcurrant oil. While stewing the tea, wafts of blackcurrant rise to fill epicurean’s nostrils with its enchanting scent. 

Blackcurrant Tea fits well for every occasion. Black tea is mildly stimulative due to its caffeine content, so it can be used as a little energy boost when you’re feeling under the weather. Leaves from blackcurrant bush have diuretic qualities, so they help you to remove excess liquids from your body. One excellent purpose for this tea is to use it as cure for flu!

PS. Blackcurrant Tea goes wonderfully with a berry pie or as a light desert.

India-Ceylon black tea, Natural blackcurrant oil, Leaves of blackcurrant bush


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