Paradise Sencha Pyramid Tea

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Delightfully fruity green tea

Paradise Sencha has long been one of our most popular green teas, and for good reason. This nuanced blend created on the basis of green tea has everything you could wish for in a fruity tea. Paradise Sencha's enchanting taste comes from a fresh fruity combination of pineapple, orange and papaya , as well as passion fruit and pineapple aroma. This dizzying ensemble of fruits has been chosen to balance the lily petals , which bring a light note to the tea.

You can make tea easily with pyramid bags! The bags are made of 100% biodegradable natural fibers, so you can safely put them in the bio waste. The structure of the pyramid bags gives the tea room to brew and releases all its aromas into the hot water!

Green Chinese Sencha Tea 80%, Orange Peel Pieces 4%, Pineapple 3%, Papaya 3%, Peony Petals 3%, Lily Petals 3%, Vervain Herb 2%, Natural Passion Fruit Flavor 1% and Natural Pineapple Flavor 1%

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