Cleansing Detox 60g

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A cup of cleaning for your day

Is it effective in searching and a completely natural body cleansing tea without the bitter taste?

Forsman's Detox tea, made in Finland, is just right for you - a delicious blend of herbs gently cleanses the body and helps bring an extra boost to fitness. The tea's unique cleansing composition is apt to make weight management both easy and enjoyable.

Start your day healthy by drinking a cup of Cleansing Detox tea. Herbal tea supports weight control and promotes the elimination of waste products. Detox tea has no caffeine at all, so it is suitable for drinking at any time of the day. We recommend drinking about 2-3 cups a day to achieve a lighter feeling.

The delicious herbal tea contains rare green rooibos , lemongrass, fennel and ginger. A herbal decoction flavored with green rooibos and lemongrass helps with fasting and cleansing the body, removing swelling.

So immerse yourself in the world of cleansing herbs and enjoy!

Green Rooibos 65%, lemongrass 10%, fennel 10%, ginger 4%, licorice root 3%, nettle 3% chamomile 3%, natural aroma

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