Fair trade Nilgiri TGFOP 60g

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Indian Fairtrade tea from Nilgiris from Chamraj plantations.

In the Nilgiri region of India, Fair Trade Nilgiri TGFOP is produced in harsh mountain conditions at the Chamraj farm. The abbreviation comes from the words Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. It means that the top leaves of the tea plant and a lot of top buds are selected for the tea, which remain silvery-green during processing. They are a characteristic sign of careful handling of the tea.

Nilgiri TGFOP has a taste reminiscent of the typical high quality black teas of the Assam region. Thanks to its harsh growing conditions, the tea plant pushes more nutrients into the leaves, so the taste becomes much more aromatic and multi-faceted. The drink feels silky soft and rich in the mouth. When brewed, it darkens faster than many other Indian teas.

Indian unflavored black tea.

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