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Eucalyptus makes you feel great!

Viluki green tea is made for eucalyptus lovers. It is a sure choice for cold autumn mornings to improve the day. Vilukissa is made with a base of green Sen Cha tea. Eucalyptus, jasmine, and maracuja oil have been added to it. The result is a uniquely fresh throat- and mind-soothing entity that anyone can fall in love with.

Green tea has just enough caffeine to kick start the morning, but you still won't feel overstimulated. The caffeine in green tea is L-theanine, which works more slowly due to other trace elements in tea, so you don't feel the same caffeine spike from green tea as you do from white tea or coffee.

Steep 1 tsp/2 dl for 2-5 min in 80 degree water. PS. One 60g package gives you up to 6 liters of ready-made tea!

Eucalyptus, maracuja fruit and jasmine flowers.

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