Lapland’s Love Potion

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Straight from the fells of Lapland to warm you up!

Northern lights, midnight sun and rugged fells have always been things associated with Lapland. A Sip of Lapland’s Love Potion, sends you to the atmosphere of the real north. The Tea is a magical taste combination of Green tea, cloudberry, orange and clove. Outcome of these flavours, is a wonderfully fruity and spicy drink.

Lapland’s Love Potion is also a very healthy drink. Cloudberry has shown cancer preventing qualities and it restrains function of many harmful intestine bacteria. Cloudberry is rich in vitamin C and since this drink contains also orange, you are sure to get a good load of vitamins from this tea. Green tea itself is a healthy drink thanks to L-theanine. Added health benefits from cloudberry and orange earn this tea’s reputation as a superfood!

Sen Cha green tea, Cloudberry oil, Orange oil, Clove, Bits of orange peel.

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