Shivering Cat Sen Cha

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Excellent feeling from eucalyptus!

Shivering Cat Sen Cha is a green tea made for eucalyptus lovers. It is a perfect choice for cold morning’s delight. Sen Cha green tea is seasoned with eucalyptus, jasmine and maracuja oil. Outcome is a uniquely fresh and lovable combination, which soothes your throat and mind.  

Green tea has just the amount of natural caffeine to get you going in the morning, without overdriving you. Green tea’s L-theanine and other dietary minerals slow down the absorption of caffeine, giving a much smoother sensation of energy compared to coffee. 

PS. From this product, you can stew as much as 6 litres of tea!

Sen Cha green tea, Eucalyptus, Maracuja oil, Jasmine flower

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