Gruusian Tea

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Classic Russian styled unseasoned black tea.

Gruusian tea was first introduced in the 1900’s, when Soviet Union needed large amounts of tea for its people. Indian tea was no longer available to the Soviets, because of a British monopoly. Due to that, Gruusia (Georgia) was chosen as a producer of Soviet Union’s tea, since it already had large plantations and a rich culture in growing tea. Gruusia’s tea production was consumed almost exclusively in Soviet Union and it collapsed when the Soviet Union did. This tea is made from different cultivars of tea, to replicate the original taste as closely as possible. 

This Gruusian Tea is a enhanced version of the nostalgic drink. Leaves have been collected by hand, not with a harvester, just like in the old days. At its best, Gruusian Tea is strong and fruity. Large high-quality leaves smell peachy and malty.

Unseasoned Black tea blend

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